Ranked among one of the Sri lanka's best, Wayamba University is a leading university, offering a transformative education with insights into Sri Lanka and beyond. Students are able to choose from multiple academic pathways, including a range of special progammes and joint majors. The concurrent degree programmes have been designed concerining the current job market.  Furthermore, Wayamba University collaborates with the idustry in order to make the knowledge delivered is readily applicable. The Wayamba University provides many opportunities for students to interact and work with faculty at the cutting edge of knowledge creation in a wide range of fields.

sp wijesingha
The Computing and Information Systems undergraduate program of study emphasizes the application of computer engineering concepts, techniques and methods to the development of systems founded in hardware-software integration. Unlike the traditional focus of computer science, computer engineers will have a greater understanding of computer software development and how to use computers to automate, monitor and control various systems. The job market needs of a computer systems graduate include telecommunications, computer-human interactions, decision-making, networking, and project management where the engineer is needed to increase the efficiency and overall effectiveness of computer systems. Computing and Info.Sys. program is designed to produce graduates who are fully qualified for entry-level positions in the professional practice sector of the IT career field.

Mr. S.P. Wijesinghe, Engineer – Technology, Virtusa (Pvt.) Ltd.


As an Applied Sciences graduate, the best advantage that I have experienced at the Industry is the my specialization area of Electronics. I had to compete with other graduates from different institutes but the advantage I got over them was the Industrial exposure that I gained within the Degree Programme. Therefore, I think Applied Sciences Degree Programme at Wayamba University is one of the best courses conducted by a University for Physical Science Stream. So, I wish the Department of Electronics and the Faculty a success to grow Higher and establish a live wire between the Faculty and the Industry. 

Mr. R.Y. Jeevananda, Assistant Superintendent of Customs, Sri Lanka Customs Department.

Mr. M.G.C.S. Kumara
In the Faculty of Applied Sciences, I followed the program of Electronics & Computer Science and it was the program that developed me tremendously to reach my goals and heights. It had specifically been designed touching other related subjects such as Industrial Management, Mathematics and so on including fine lab sessions for Electronics and Computer subjects. This variety of knowledge was very much helpful to face my first interview and for the accelerated performance at my initial employment. Along with the rapid spread outs and improvements in the field of Electronics, I propose for updated subjects and support from university and self developments from students themselves for a quality and updated output. As an alumnus, I am looking forward and it will be a great privilege to support the university with any possibilities.

Mr. M.G.C.S. Kumara, Technical Project Manager – Microwave, Alcatel – Lucent France Sri Lanka Branch.

Mr. K.T. Rajapakse
The world is always changing, and it is a good idea to look at the present for the clues to the future. The future will bring many changes, and it is important to choose a degree that will be valuable both now and years ahead. I’m really happy to say that the opportunities I obtained throughout my university life were amazing and they helped me a lot in diversified areas when it comes to my career. Especially the Management Knowledge that I got was really helped me to perform my job very successfully. The most important message that I want to give to my dear brothers and sisters who are currently studying at the university is; search for new things, innovative ideas and to organize a lot of extracurricular programs to gain knowledge about new industry trends and to develop your leadership skills. This will definitely help you to be on the top.

Mr. K.T. Rajapakse, Senior Operations Executive, Synergen Health (Pvt) Ltd.

Ms. V.T. Waidyasekara

In such competitive global market, where production and management technologies are changing very rapidly, the employers look for graduates with both theoretical and practical knowledge. The Industrial Management Degree Program gave me the best qualifications to enhance the attractiveness for the job market, as it is an innovative program which combines both aspects together with number of factory visits and especially from the training program of the final year. I’m really thankful to my Degree program, my Department and all the lecturers for giving me guidance to develop my career path as an academic. 

Ms. V.T. Waidyasekara, Lecturer in Management, CINEC Maritime Campus.

Mr. L.P.K.L Kumara

The Statistics, Mathematics & Mathematical Modeling Degree Program is very useful and the course core is industry related. During the program, it gave me a lot of theoretical knowledge as well as the Industrial Training gave me a practical knowledge as big assets. We gained many experiences related to the industry from our program. So I trust that the program have a desire to flourish the career, obtaining comprehensive exposure, undertaking the work responsibilities and improving the managerial skills. 

Mr. L.P.K.L Kumara,Industrial Engineering Executive,MAS Intimates,Unichela (Pvt) Ltd, Slimline Division.

Mr. V.K. Fernando

It is difficult to find a job in the relevant field that we are studying. There is a big gap between the qualifications that the job market is requesting and the qualifications that the universities are providing. However, I am of the view that the success of my life is what I have gained through my degree program. I have a confidence that it has been prepared for us to meet the current job requirements as well as the future requirements. This is highly true of the subject areas like Practical Mathematics, Information Technology and Industrial Management which I have studied during my university life. I always appreciate the opportunities to correct my errors and let me to come out from failure to success. 

Mr. V.K. Fernando, Assessor, Department of Inland Revenue.

Mr. Samitha Embuldeniya

As an Information Technology practitioner with over 4 years of experience, today I am very much satisfied with my status. I am here today because of the knowledge & the experience I have gained during the three years’ stay at the Faculty of Applied Sciences as an undergraduate and a demonstrator. As a person who took part in the inaugural symposium in 2009 I am really happy to see the 5th version of the same in this year and it is an honor & a privilege for me to send a message on this occasion. So I would like to wish all the very best for ASBIRES-2013. 

Mr. Samitha Embuldeniya, Manager (Head of ITS) at KPMG Sri Lanka and  Maldives

Mr. H. M. P. S. J. Sampath
The knowledge, experience and skills that I gained within the four years of academic studies on the B.Sc. program provided me with a sound foundation for my postgraduate studies. The industrial training which was provided in the final year was especially useful to me, as it was an opportunity to gain thorough knowledge and to apply academic learning in a practical environment. Finally, here is a message to all under graduates: study hard and enjoy engaging in extra-curricular activities as much as you can. Then one day you definitely become a good leader anywhere in the world. 

Mr. H. M. P. S. J. Sampath,MBA Student, Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK)

Mr. Upanith S. Liyanaarachchi

In 2010 I became a graduate majoring Electronics, which was always a dream in my life. Since then I have been a student in the same department pursuing a PhD in Nanotechnology. I am so proud of my past years in the Department of Electronics which made a great impact in my theoretical knowledge as well as the practical aptitudes in a vast field like Electronics. It is my great privilege to be an alumnus of the Department of Electronics, Faculty of Applied Sciences and also it has been a gateway to trips further afield and I have come to think of it as home.

Mr. Upanith S. Liyanaarachchi,PhD Research Student.

Mr. N.T. Galhenage
Selecting Industrial Management was a ‘life-changing moment’ for me. The course content is well aligned with Industrial requirements, thus gave me a holistic view of the managerial functions upon completion of the degree. That means it was not the degree only that gave me the edge over the other graduates. Last but not least, the Industrial Training which is a key feature of the degree program was a boon for me to start my career at Brandix as an intern, and it also helped me to learn and understand the business fast.  

Mr. N.T. Galhenage,Account Manager – Marketing, Brandix Textiles Ltd.

Mrs. K.M.K.K. Kulathunga

I’m really proud to take this opportunity to convey my gratitude towards my University: Wayamba University of Sri Lanka and especially my majoring stream Industrial Management as to most of the things I have achieved in my life is because of my degree. Department of Industrial Management is producing the graduates who would like to take challenges with a ‘can do’ attitude. You will be astonished to see how competent you are with your competitors. I always appreciate the opportunities I gained from the Industrial Management department to uplift my skills.

  Mrs. K.M.K.K. Kulathunga,Sri Lankan Administrative Service.

Mr. D.M.J.P. Alwis

As the economy becomes mature in developing countries like Sri Lanka and the dependency on data and information increases, the job opportunities are likely to grow faster than the overall employment. In the job market, many jobs not classified as "statistician" may, nevertheless, require statistical expertise as the major qualification. I wish the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Applied Sciences to produce more analytical Graduates to the competitive job market, through high quality course modules in statistics.

Mr. D.M.J.P. Alwis, Manager – Management Information, Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation.