Graduate Attributes of Wayamba University of Sri Lanka

The Statement of Generic Attributes is based on a conceptual framework identified through stakeholders’ discussions conducted by all four faculties of the University over the years. Based on this framework, the University has identified three encompassing graduate attributes - Scholarship and Enlightenment, Skillfulness and Innovativeness, and Engagingness and Flexibility – which reflect the teaching-learning, research and innovation and outreach-intensive nature of the University. These encompassing attributes represent combinations of clusters of more specific attributes, which can be interpreted or contextualised differently in different disciplinary domains. These graduate attributes are ultimately developed through students' engagement with the teaching and learning experiences of their disciplinary courses, and their participation in University life. The University’s Strategic Plan commits to foster the development of graduate attributes using the learning experiences of their courses, research, outreach and diverse co-curricular and extracurricular activities.


Generic Attributes of Graduates of the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka

Graduates of the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka will have a stance towards knowledge, skills, attitudes and mindset and ultimately serving the mankind, and be distinguished from other graduates in their lives and work.

SCHOLARSHIP AND ENLIGHTENMENT - An attitude or stance towards knowledge:

SKILLFULNESS AND INNOVATIVENESS - An attitude or stance towards skills:

ENGAGINGNESS AND FLEXIBILITY - An attitude or stance towards attitudes and mindset:


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