The Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, which has a history dating back to its humble beginnings in 1991, as the Affiliated University College of the North Western Province and thereafter, the Wayamba Campus of the Rajarata University of Sri Lanka,  has now made its mark as the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka in the national and international arenas.   The University is in a position to stand side by side with traditional universities which had been in existence for over 75 years.

It is my pleasure to stand at the helm and steer this University to greater vistas, specifically, making the University the “Best National University Focusing on Undergraduate Education”.  It is my belief that by providing the right leadership in terms of goal setting, planning and organizing and wise use of resources etc. a collective effort will produce a “Wayamba Graduate” with expert Knowledge and multiple Skills and positive Attitudes with the right Mindset, who can be directly employed and will be an asset to the respective stakeholders. 

A significant change in the methods of teaching and the academic environment is essential to ensure productive teaching-learning and assessment-based methodologies and technologies and inclusive educational strategies.  An enriched academic environment with the creation of new, and transforming existing, Academic/Professional Programmes which are Outcome-Based, Student-Centred and Employment Oriented will create the pathway to producing a unique ‘Wayamba Graduate’.

The Wayamba University is already enriched with courses from multiple disciplines, including Medicine, Applied Sciences and Agricultural Sciences.  Venturing further, the existing Technology-based degree programmes of the University will be expanded to close the vast gap and the national demand for those qualified in ‘technology’ and ‘engineering’, by absorbing more students from technology and mathematics-based subjects at A/L.

Reaching beyond the A/L students channeled through the UGC, the University opens its academic programmes to all those who wish to fulfill their career aspirations, by offering short-term to long-term programmes leading to Certificates to Postgraduate qualifications.  The horizons of these programmes will be expanded in the areas of Applied Sciences and Management and in other areas such as Food and Animal Sciences, Health Sciences, IT and English.

The Wayamba University enjoys a rich research culture and caters to a large number of graduate students studying for research-based degrees.  I, myself, being an award-winning researcher and enjoying the work with a large number of such personalities within and outside the Wayamba University for nearly two decades, will make sure to liaise the University with the system of research and with all potential stakeholders to enhance short to long-term benefits of innovation and inquiry-based learning.  To this end, a full-scale Faculty of Graduate Studies will be established, comprising Full Professors from each Faculty oriented towards research-based teaching activities.

The next step in research, the dissemination of Research Outcomes to the potential stakeholders and conducting outreach programmes, will be strengthened and entrepreneurial activities will be facilitated through the Incubation Centre.

I believe that a friendly and productive academic and administrative culture can be promoted by directing all to exist and work in a ‘Unique Educational Environment’ using the global green concepts.  All steps will be taken to make the University premises respect and work on ‘Green Methodologies & Technologies’ that are adopted in Universities in developed countries.

To step into the sphere of digital Information-Education-Communication (IEC), online-Teaching-Learning has to become a part of the education methodology and technology.  Blended and Experiential Learning and Efficient Administrative Process should be fully supported by bringing such technology into the Education and Communication process.  Incorporation of Online Teaching-Learning into the curriculum is a must to step into the future.

I would like to emphasize that it is not the ‘quantity’ but the ‘quality’ of services offered to the key stakeholders that will judge the success of the processes of teaching-learning and administration.


Senior Prof. Udith K. Jayasinghe

Senior Professor and the Chair of Agribusiness Management

B.Sc. (Agric.) (First Class Hons) [Peradeniya], M.Sc. (Agric. Econ.) [PGIA, Peradeniya], PhD (Guelph, Canada),

Post Doc Fellow (Massachusetts, USA; Monash, Australia), Post. Grad. Dip. (Teacher Training & Edu. Mgt.) [IITM, India]

Dip. Mass Media & Com.(Colombo), Dip. Busi. Mgt.(Scranton, USA)