Welcome to ICT Center-Kuliyapitiya - The Primary provider of IT resources, services and support.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) Center is the primary provider of computing and information technology resources, services, and support to Kuliyapitiya Premises of Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. It provides IT training programs for students, staff, and external professionals to improve demanding IT skills. It is committed to the support of academic activities by promoting on-campus information literacy, and by providing a suitable information technology environment. To ensure the smooth proceeding of educational and research activities, the center also offers comprehensive services using the latest advances in information technology. These services include running servers (mail, web, and LMS), maintaining the networks that form the university’s IT infrastructure, promoting e-learning initiatives such as computerization of teaching materials and the use of learning management systems, and providing support to departments and units in order make their information and data available online.

We are ready to give our fullest at every weekday from 8.00am to 8.00pm and 8.00am to 4.00pm at Saturdays with the well-equipped laboratory environment. 

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