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Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Technology, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka.

The Faculty consists of four academic departments; Department of Construction Technology, Department of Electrotechnology, Department of Nano Science Technology, and Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Technology. The Faculty takes great pride in the high quality of our teaching and research. The Faculty of Technology currently admits 161 students per year. This intake will be increased to 220 in the academic year 2019/2020.

The Faculty of Technology offers four unique undergraduate degree programmes leading to the Bachelor of Engineering Technology Honours Degrees with the specializations in Construction Technology, Electrotechnology, Material and Nano Science Technology, or in Mechanical and Manufacturing Technology. The first batch of students was enrolled to the Faculty for the academic year 2015/2016 and they have been successfully progressing and are scheduled to graduate in early 2021.

The Faculty of Technology is the premier higher education institute in Engineering Technology education in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka and offers postgraduate research programmes too. All four degree programs are offered through a course-unit system arranged in eight semesters including a 6 months-long industrial training and one year-long individual research project in the final year.

The Faculty trains the undergraduates to excel in their professional careers either in government or private-sector organizations through delivery of well-developed curriculum by a group of dedicated and qualified academic staff. The curriculum has been designed to satisfy the accreditation requirements under the Sidney Accord for qualifications in the fields of engineering technology. In addition, many opportunities are available for the students to improve their soft skills before graduation by voluntarily participating in the activities organized by the Faculty, University, and Societies.

You may find more information about the degree programs, the Faculty, staff, laboratories, students’ works, research and publications, facilities available to students etc. on the Faculty and Department webpages.



To be a leading higher educational institute in Sri Lanka recognized for its outstanding academic programmes, innovative research, scholarship and outreach activities with the ultimate target of serving the mankind.



To develop highly qualified and responsible citizens who contribute to the improvement of society and sustainable development of the country


Overview / History

Having identified the need to expand technology education, the Government of Sri Lanka introduced the new Technology stream at GCE A/L from the year 2013 onwards.

The Government intended to create a higher educational pathway at university level for these students. Therefore, the University Grants Commission (UGC) requested the universities to formulate new degree programs in technology streams for the enrolment of A/L Technology stream students in mid-2016. In response to this, the Faculty of Applied Science of Wayamba University of Sri Lanka prepared two degree programmes named Bachelor of Engineering Technology and Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Nano Science Technology and approvals of the University authorities and the University Grants Commission were received. The first batch of students was enrolled in December 2016 for following the Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Honours) degree programmes in above two specialization areas.  Thereafter, by Extraordinary Gazette of the Government No. 2037/17 issued on 21 September 2017, the Faculty of Technology with four Departments was established in the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka.

Those four departments of studies are:

i) Department of Construction Technology

ii) Department of Electrotechnology

iii) Department of Nano Science Technology

iv) Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Technology


Degree Programmes

Faculty Graduate Profile

The graduates of the Faculty of Technology are capable of applying knowledge of basic sciences and engineering fundamentals in order to provide innovative, viable, sustainable and ethical solutions to real-world technological problems. They are expected to be technically competent to use modern engineering tools with independent and lifelong learning, and are motivated to engage in research and development with intellectual, practical and transferable skills, and values.


Undergraduate Degrees

The Bachelor of Engineering Technology Honours (BETHons) degree programme is designed with a minimum of 120 credits. Duration of the degree programme is 4 academic years (Level 1 - 4). Each academic year normally consists of two semesters (Semester I and II). The medium of instruction is English.

 The students, on admission to the Faculty of Technology, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka can apply for the following specialization areas in their priority order:

  1. Bachelor of Engineering Technology Honours in Construction Technology (BETHons in ConstTech)
  2. Bachelor of Engineering Technology Honours in Electrotechnology (BETHons in Electrotech)

       iii. Bachelor of Engineering Technology Honours in Material and Nano Science Technology (BETHons in Mat & Nano Sc Tech)

       iv. Bachelor of Engineering Technology Honours in Mechanical and Manufacturing Technology (BETHons in Mech & Mfg Tech)

 In general, the total number of placements for the specialization areas (i), (ii) and (iv) is about 100 and that for the specialization area (iii) is about 60 and the student intake is streamed into the above two groups during the Orientation Programme.

These quotas may vary depending on the annual intake of the Faculty of Technology and the decisions taken by the Faculty Board. If there is a higher demand for one group than the approved capacity in a particular intake, the selection of students is carried out based on the Advanced Level Z-Scores of the students enrolled from different districts.

The course units offered for the specialization areas (i), (ii) and (iv) are common during the first three semesters (Level 1 – Semester I and II and Level 2 – Semester I). However, these students who are following common course units should apply again for further specialization in one of the above three programmes at the end of Level 1 Semester II. In general, the number of placements for each of the above three specialization areas [(i), (ii) and (iv)] is about 40. If more students have applied for a particular specialization area, the selection will be based on their choices of specialization areas and Cumulative Semester Grade Point Average at the end of Level 1.


Postgraduate Degrees

Department of Nano Science Technology

  • Master of Philosophy in Nanotechnology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Nanotechnology


AHEAD Project

“Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development (AHEAD) project is a World Bank project which provides grants for expansion and development of the higher education sector in the country. It consists of different grant schemes under two results areas. The Faculty of Technology is a grant recipient under STEM grant - Results Area 1. So far, the Faculty received grants of Rs. 40 M, Rs, 50 M and Rs. 50 M under Round 1, 2 and 3, respectively. In addition, the Department of Nano Science and Technology received a grant of Rs. 500 M for the new building complex which is to be constructed in very near future.

This new Faculty of Technology at Wayamba University of Sri Lanka has been highly benefited with the grants received so far through AHEAD project. The Faculty could improve the facilities at the laboratories, examination hall and lecture rooms for the current intakes. Furthermore, the Faculty proposed to increase its annual intake from 161 to 221 in the 2019/2020 Academic Year with the continuous support of funding through the AHEAD project.