Career Guidence Unit




The Career Guidance Unit (CGU) assists undergraduate students in making a successful transition from their academic pursuits to their career goals. The CGU strives to provide a well-balanced variety of direct services, educational programs, and resource materials so students may:

  • Secure meaningful employment
  • Obtain internships
  • Pursue additional education consistent with their career goals

Undergraduates who are selected to participate in the project will go through personal development programmes in the form of workshops and seminars on soft skills, entrepreneurship and other related areas, which are critical for their survival in the corporate world. Those who participate in these events only will be qualified for the Career Fair where both companies and students will meet in the form of personal interviews.

The Career Guidance Unit (CGU) of the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka was established on January, 2003 through the initiative of the University Grant Commission (UGC), Sri Lanka with the objectives of enhancing the quality of university students’ professional skills and soft skills (21st century skills), whilst strengthening the link between university students and the corporate sector. Since the establishment, the unit has been organizing events, facilitating this purpose and the unit is functioning directly under the Vice-Chancellor.


To empower and enhance our undergraduates to be equipped with the necessary professional and soft skills to achieve optimal career opportunities of the complex world of work, which may bring them lifelong education, economic prosperity, mental stability and the social mobility as the final goal.


To organize and provide the students programs, facilitating them to improve their 21st century skills (soft skills), while the links with the corporate are being developed, to bring them up as qualitative professionals to become dynamic global citizens.


  • To organize various activities such as seminars/ workshops/ lectures/ training for career development.
  • To help students make appropriate and realistic career choices and career directions.
  • To motivate youth to contribute towards development of education.
  • To guide students to develop their academic career interest in line with their short or long term goals.
  • To develop a database of online job training opportunities and job placement.
  • To manage and providing information regarding scholarship/ training/ jobs and learning opportunities.
  • To help students prepare for interview, CV preparation and develop their communication skills.