Historical Back Ground: Affiliated University College of the North Western Province

yapahuwaDuring the first few months of 1991, the University Grants Commission in collaboration with relevant universities examined the viability of Kuliyapitiya Technical College, to be established as an Affiliated University College in the North Western Province. Subsequently, the idea was mooted to seek some premises within the Kurunegala municipal limits, as the space available at the Kuliyapitiya Technical College was deemed to be inadequate. Subsequently, 07 acres of land that belonged to the Divisional Engineer’s Office on the Vidyala Mawatha, including the buildings thereon, together with 02 other buildings that belonged to the Department of Buildings were earmarked to be taken over to establish the proposed Affiliated University of the North Western Province.

After the officers of the Divisional Engineering Office vacated the premises on 9th August 1991, the renovation of the existing buildings, effecting necessary changes to suit the University Courses of Study and the requirements of the University administration, were undertaken. The In-service Training Institute of the Department of Agriculture at Makandura, had been reorganized, with all facilities to suit the requirements of an Agricultural Studies section under the direction of the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Peradeniya.

After the renovation of buildings, a University College, named as the Affiliated University College of the North Western Province [AUC-NWP] was ceremonially opened on 20th November 1991, together with the other Colleges of the Affiliated University College System of Sri Lanka. The NWP Affiliated University College was inaugurated on that day under the Section 18 of the Universities Act No. 16 of 1978, cited as the North Western Province Affiliated University College Ordinance No. 10 of 1991, which came into effect on 20th November 1991.

The NWP Affiliated University College was initiated with two academic sections namely; Home Science & Nutrition, affiliated to the University of Kelaniya, and Agricultural Studies, affiliated to the University of Peradeniya. The academic work commenced in both Sections on 23rd March 1992 with 98 students in the Home Science & Nutrition Section and 88 students in the Agricultural Science Section.

On completion of the Foundation Courses of studies for the students of the Agricultural Section, conducted at the Affiliated University Premises at Kuliyapitiya, they were transferred to the Makandura Center on 23rd May 1992. In the meantime, it had been found that the Mathematical Science Diploma course, conducted by the Western Province Affiliated University College, affiliated to the University of Kelaniya, was not functioning well. As such, arrangements were made to relocate the Mathematical Science Diploma Course, in the NWP Affiliated University College. This proposal was recommended by the Board of Management of the NWP Affiliated University College on 13th November 1993, which received approval of the University Grants Commission on 09th December 1993. Accordingly, the academic and non-academic staff, who conducted this Course, and a group of 18 students, were absorbed into the NWP Affiliated University, with effect from 18th January 1994.